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When crafting new ideas for ecommerce web design, we focus on future objectives instead of the present business standing only. We also keep clients involved in the process, meaning you choose the web features and can make changes as the project progresses.

ecommerce web design

1) Comprehension of requirements

Owning a website and building an active online presence can be an exciting process, but it has its challenges. Avoiding them starts with an understanding of your preferences. This initial step is vital for all types of ecommerce web design in Toronto because it exposes the loopholes in the current marketing strategy and helps you make changes that can lead to your vision and mission. You must single out the features you are willing to do without and those you cannot compromise on to help us discern your objectives.

During the initial meeting, we will discuss the existing website features you want to retain and the new ideas to incorporate, future content development ideas, and SEO practices. Finally, we agree on a brand identity that includes the name and logo.

Our award-winning specialists will listen to your needs, including vision, colour, and theme preferences. We will also evaluate the kind of image you want to associate with your company and how to make it materialize.

2) Designing

Here our consultant, web design expert and client get specific about what the site structure will entail. Based on the requirements analysis, web design is organized in layers that let us test out various aesthetics as our web designers in Toronto create your responsive website.

3) Prototype creation

When creating the prototype, our team in Toronto also develops a sitemap based on the theme you select. However, it does not touch on the user interface but still helps with the visualization of the framework and aids the team in comparing various concepts before creating the final product. You get to choose the graphic design elements that you are most comfortable with. Feel free to make as many changes as you want at this stage before the finalization of the designs.

4) Creating content

While PublicizePro’s web developers will be working on the approved prototype, the content creation team will start crafting customized original content for the web pages. After completing everything, we wait for your approval before moving on to the next step. We follow a systematic process that begins with designing the home page before moving on to other components that contribute to the website’s functionality.

5) Design presentation

Every business, regardless of the specific industry, needs to attract customers to continue thriving. The best way to do that is by communicating in a way that resonates with the targeted demographic. Blogs and special media platforms provide a means of reaching them, and we will explore those ideas. We do so with the objective of establishing you as a credible leader in your business niche.

6) Testing and implementing changes

Our team will then start the coding process with a meticulous approach before moving to the testing phase. As a client, your involvement may be minimal at this stage, but it does not mean the job is not progressing. It is a crucial stage where a significant amount of work continues. We practice extra caution during the implementation and testing because the result determines the performance and appearance of the website.

Our experts will also upload the content one at a time, making sure to test the functionality in the process. We ensure the content has the right tone to improve customer response by considering the information you want to share and using the correct words on the text and headlines. We also add a call to action.

7) Soft launch

Also known as the alpha release, this stage helps us get a public opinion on the website. We launch it with all the elements and outline fully-functional. We will then make a few changes based on the reviews and feedback we receive from you. You get to test each feature and explore every aspect to confirm usability on behalf of the users.

The focus is usually on user experience and interaction. That is why we recommend thorough testing even if it is still in the production stage. It helps us and our clients prevent potential issues after the official launch.

8) Functionality review

Here, we test the website as per analytics and search engine optimization. We also test graphic design, overall responsiveness, and design components. Finally, we put in place the correct infrastructure for monitoring the website. The goal is to ensure that all the tools do not overburden or interfere with the website design.

Remember, website delivery is never a one-off act. It is a continuous process that involves customization and adaptation to cater to the changing needs of the customers and the growing business. That is the only way to ensure user experience and site performance remain top-notch with time.

We implement feedback systems that show issues end users might experience. In addition, we remove all the security threats and bugs to ensure sure the site remains updated.

9) Handing over the product

The second alpha release stage is about completing payment and receiving the final product. You get complete control and access to all source codes, with information and guidelines on the strategies put in place. Feel free to contact our Toronto office whenever you need assistance managing the website or creating new marketing strategies. Part of our professionalism is ensuring our clients do not experience any problems while using their websites.

10) Publishing the site

The final step is taking the website live. We will continue to analyze it during the first few days to ensure it is working as it should. We also monitor it to ensure the visual impact is precise as you want.

Whether you want to create a new site or improve the one you already have, PublicizePro is the best company to hire. We value our clients and never disappoint.

Mobile devices have become more of a necessity than a luxury, making them essential for businesses. Every person who owns one relies on it to access the internet and compare products or service providers. They are more crucial in social media marketing, and that is why we strive to make the website suitable for mobile use.

We pay attention to the evolving demands in this industry, especially in the Toronto region. It helps us create solutions that fit the dynamic and diverse needs that result in proactive marketing strategies to help you achieve success.

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