Make your business visible to the world through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
SEO is a strategy that utilizes key elements of a website to enhance its visibility in natural
search results, with the purpose of attracting more traffic and clients to your business.

  • Optimizing title and meta tags
  • Improving loading speed and cleaning up code
  • Utilizing Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Registering with Google Local and Maps
  • Conducting competitor’s website research Performing keyword research for 10 keywords Implementing
  • on-page and off-page SEO techniques Building links and creating 3 citations per month Conducting
    site audits
  • Publishing blog posts with a minimum of 1000 words
  • All from starting business+
  • Image and hyperlink optimization Local search optimization
  • In-depth site analysis
  • Keyword research for 20 keywords 8: 6 citations per month
  • Internal link structuring and optimization
  • 2 blog posts with a length of minimum l000  words each Activity/Rank report
  • Canonicalization/301Redirect
  • All from established business
  • Backlinks
  • Email blast
  • Creation of on infographic
  • Keyword research for 30 keywords and +10 citations per month
  • Targeted advertising
  • 3 blog posts with a length of minimum 1000 words each
  • Activity/Rank report

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