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PublicizePro focuses on several SEO aspects, including keyword diversity, content originality, off-page, and on-page SEO, social media, and localized SEO. Working on all these components ensures we create strategies that improve your website’s ranking, resulting in more leads and better conversions. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in the SEO industry to craft personalized optimization campaigns that increase ranking organically and bring quality traffic. We do that while paying attention to the keyword choice and use, site organization, and geographical settings. Our SEO services are available in packages, making it easier to choose according to your business objective. Instead of overlong contractual agreements, we give short ones that are more precise. We also conduct regular assessments to ensure the SEO strategies in place are working. We do not just focus on the existing essential elements for SEO; we also anticipate possible changes to the algorithms and use them to put your business ahead.

Improving the youre business with local SEO

Optimizing your business for the local demographic is crucial to its success. Through local SEO, customers within your area can easily find you on Google when you rank at the top.

SEO significance for every business

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Search Engine Optimization is a powerful digital marketing tool in Toronto because it unveils your website to numerous potential customers. People searching for the kind of products or services you provide can effortlessly locate you with a simple search online. Additionally, you do not spend a lot of money. However, SEO only works with the implementation of foolproof strategies. At Publicize Pro, we endeavour to attract more visitors to your website by using the correct phrases and terms.
We advise our clients to compare the costs and profits of SEO with those of paid advertising. Organic traffic that comes from SEO is long-lasting and costs less. Being able to convert leads into customers and getting to the top of the SERP pages is also more satisfactory. That is why we are here to help you get a better return on investment through Search Engine Optimization.

Improving the business with local SEO

Optimizing your business for the local demographic is crucial to its success. Through local SEO, customers within your area can easily find you on Google when you rank at the top.

As one of the widely used search engines, Google makes it easier for businesses in Toronto to improve their chances of ranking higher through Google Places. The feature helps with local visibility, making it a significant determining factor in ranking. It provides reliable leads that are easier to convert into sales. We can select the correct keywords for your Google Map listing to place you at the top during a search.

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Creating a functional website requires the application of specific components and procedures that our team can help you with. We have all the tools that can increase your profitability and attract more customers to your business. Our systematic process includes:

Web page organization is an essential part of SEO – that is why we take the structuring process seriously. The layout and the menu show users where the various elements are placed on the site. A good structure also allows users to find the most salient pages easily.

We use the correct tags depending on importance to link the other pages on the menu for easier access. It improves the site’s architecture and aesthetics.

We create every web page with a specific goal in mind. First, you tell us what you would like to achieve and the kind of value you are offering. We then ensure the content portrays why your products are better, allowing customers to choose them instead of your competitors’.

The pages should also indicate the solutions you are providing. We help your customers understand how you are solving their problems with the information we provide. In most cases, we make the home page the main focus. However, you can also choose to have a landing page with descriptive content. We strive to make the information clear, accessible, and dependable.

Part of having a functional design is mastering the targeted demographic and how to create title tags that appeal to them.

The title tags refer to the headings that search engines display when showing results for a search. They function as links, meaning they are clickable and appear at the top of the browser. Site visitors can also use them to save the pages. Although the title appears on the search engine results pages, it is not visible on the web page itself.

Users usually see the H1 tag after they click the title and land on the page. Therefore, it should be a precise reflection of what the page is about, meaning you should include at least one keyword phrase. It should not be misleading or redundant.

Most people ignore internal links, but they serve an essential role in digital marketing. The trick is avoiding keyword stuffing in the anchor text and not overusing the links. We do this with the user experience in mind. You can also add a few external links, especially when you want to reference them.

All marketing strategies are only successful when you can convert the leads into sales. There should be measures to increase the chances of conversion once a customer lands on the page. In most cases, a call-to-action is enough to encourage users to purchase the product or book the service. If possible, you can have multiple contact options to cater to a wide range of preferences.

Apart from creating contact options, we also ensure the website has a fast-loading speed. The objective is to indicate the value, avail discounts, and make it easier for customers to get them. Having features that allow engagement with the site visitors at various funnel stages can also increase sales. We also implement tracking options that show you the changes in lead generation.

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Unbeatable expertise in off-page SEO for businesses

With the almost complete elimination of link building, it takes a substantial effort which not only includes updated On-Page (on the website) techniques, but a far more complex Off-Page strategy which heavily relies on content marketing and Social Media exposure. For some, it might not make ROI sense to undertake such a strategy when considering the time it takes, the expectancy of results and industry-specific factors.
Publish meaningful content on your blog. When you are writing content about people or products offered by different brands, make sure they are likely to link back to you. Content that is relevant, high quality and interesting will get people talking about your blog and linking back to you within no time. Perform a thorough keyword research before you start creating content for your blog. Don’t just write content that is stuffed with keywords; make it interesting for the readers as well. Include links on your blogs to other pages within your website as well as external sites to keep users on your website for longer.
Comment on blog posts that are within your niche to reach out to people with similar interests. Blog commenting shouldn’t be done in such a way that it promotes spam. Look for blogs that you frequent most and then comment in order to lead readers to your own blog.

Although not commonly used currently, a press release can still increase profitability for Toronto companies that use them. It is one of the best ways of getting people to talk about your brand and the new items you are providing. We can help you build trust in your business through a press release.

Our digital marketing team ensures the information being released contains vital aspects such as the quotes on products you have and contact details. We consider several media platforms for the release to get more visibility. We also incorporate some optimization techniques such as backlinks. We use the right keywords on the titles and H1 tags and choose the target audience according to your needs.

Guest blogging is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques, and like others, it has evolved. It only works when you use websites that are more established and have authentic traffic. You can create content to post on other platforms, then have a backlink to your site. The more traffic the host site has, the more potential customers you can reach.
Our innovative team has kept up with the changes and will do it right. We know the benefits it can bring to our clients and will do everything to ensure you enjoy them.
How We Do It

Publicize Pro’s keyword research process

The effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization relies on the selection of the correct keywords and their proper placement. Our marketing team in Toronto has specialized in that area through experience and knowledge. Our experts can help you through:

Researching keywords according to business objectives, target audience, geographical location, business niche, and industry.

Getting you an audience using relevant topics and keywords. We do that by focusing on your merchandise and products.

Making the topic research knowledge-based. The marketing strategy will target those looking for an educational aspect.

Determining the preferences of your customers and using that to create appropriate content. We make it searchable, shareable, and relevant.

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