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People visit social media platforms for various reasons, but they are all potential customers. Those platforms provide the opportunity to turn prospective clients into loyal paying customers. However, most of those users are already interacting with other brands, meaning you must use top-notch techniques to win them over. Start by being present on all major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then improve your interaction with them.

If you need expert skills in Toronto to help you with social media marketing, look no further than Publicize Pro. We can turn regular users into dedicated advocates for your brand and get you higher lead conversions.

The best place to get all-rounded social media marketing services is PublicizePro


We can create and promote your business profile through original content generation and customer engagement. We use the cleverest methods and a wide range of communication options that we combine with other fruitful digital marketing methods.

Incorporating search engine optimization

In order to maximize your reach and optimize your online presence to be visible in organic search results, you need to have an active, growing social presence and dynamic content on your website. This tells Google and other leading search engines that your brand is relevant and credible.

Establishing thought leadership

Regardless of the type of business you have or your area of professionalism, creating content that people will resonate with is crucial. Social media provides the perfect platform to do that and more. We can portray you as a thought leader in your specific sector. We maintain your credibility through the process and explore all the opportunities such a technique brings.

Targeting correct leads

We customize the social media marketing techniques for every business, and part of that is using source targeted leads. We use the most innovative methods and advanced software to locate prospective buyers and determine purchasing probability. We aim to convert regular users into paying customers.

Maintaining interaction

Engaging the customers, other professionals in your industry and fans can help you stay active, but that alone is not enough. We go the extra mile on your behalf to get you more audience and ensure you remain relevant. We can ensure your business participates in meaningful discussions as you respond to those reaching out with concerns or ideas.

Sharing your journey

When you share your story with other people, you motivate them or increase their trust in you. When people learn about your process – the struggles or problems you have faced, milestones covered, and how you achieved success, they feel more connected and are likely to choose your brand among all others. We are here to help you through the process to ensure you remain in control of the narrative.

Social media accounts you should have for your business


Facebook offers a casual environment for all its users, but businesses in Toronto also get some excellent marketing features that are mainly free. However, exploiting them still requires some level of professionalism that we can help you show.

We can create a business fan page, making sure the layout is perfect. We make it visually appealing to attract people instantly. We use a lighter tone when posting content to keep users’ interest because most of them log into the media platform to have fun and interact with their friends and relatives. That means they are less likely to accept formal tones.

We can also help you craft a cost-efficient advertisement technique to counter the limited organic reach usually available on Facebook.


Instagram has evolved from a standard social platform to one of the best marketing sites for businesses. It is no longer a place for sharing pictures only; it is now a fully-functional digital marketing channel with the necessary tools and resources.

The platform continues to unleash new features for businesses. Examples of recent ones include shoppable Instagram posts, advanced analytics, and more tools for attracting more traffic to Insta stories. They also have an independent video platform called IGTV. These resources are great, but you can only enjoy their advantages if you understand everything about the platform. PublicizePro can help you with that. We already possess skills in exploring Instagram and taking advantage of the elements available for boosting businesses and will use them to target your customers. Expect us to develop the best strategies for Instagram stories and track KPIs and metrics effectively.


Some studies have shown that most people remember content they find on Twitter more than any other social medial platform. With over 300 million users on the platform, Twitter gives you the perfect place to implement the best marketing strategies. It is one of the reasons Twitter has become unmatched when it comes to targeting local consumers.

Small businesses tend to benefit the most. Knowing how to leverage the advantages of the platform remains crucial in enjoying all the benefits. We can improve how you engage with your customers, bring in more quality leads, and better the brand reputation.

Twitter has prospects for every business type. You only need the right expertise to turn them into loyal customers. You do not have to worry about that when you hire us.


Compared to other platforms, LinkedIn is more professional. It has maintained its purpose, which is to encourage professional networking. Individuals use it to show their achievements, job histories, and academic qualifications.

Users get to upload their professional documents in search of better employment opportunities, but business owners can take advantage by engaging with potential clients. You can also share your products and services or use the two-way communication feature to find and interact with prospective customers. As a business, you will get more from the platform if your goal is collaboration rather than sales. It allows you to share your marketing efforts and business practices with others as you learn from them. We can do those for you and network with other organizations to expand your professional contacts. We can also improve your profile to position you as a leader in your niche.


Pinterest has many resources for businesses, but most people miss out on them by believing that it is a platform for sharing home improvement ideas only. The social media platform is now a superior visual search engine with numerous graphics, pictures, and links.

That gives you multiple ways of redirecting users to your website and turning them into return customers. It is better than the other options because of the visual component it has. According to research, over 55% of users visit the platform to search for new products, showing its effectiveness in gaining more traffic. All you need are some original high-quality pictures and brief descriptions for the products to attract more customers. If you need strategies specifically tailored for the platform, reach out to PublicizePro. We have experience with Pinterest and can use that knowledge to get you your desired marketing results.


WeChat is mainly suitable for companies operating in China. It has the most users - 1.2 billion, according to a survey from 2020. Its main advantage is the multiple functionalities it offers – it can serve as a booking platform for those looking for holiday destinations, a payment site, eCommerce, or a chatting platform.

Companies can also use it to gain more followers or share information about their businesses.

The majority of the users are adults, meaning you can easily pitch your ideas, products, and services and convert the users into customers. However, with over 1.5 million brands competing for users daily, you need the most superior strategies.

The platform provides an opportunity for businesses to communicate, offer customer service, and sell products to their customers. As such, it is a haven for marketers and requires conversance with the stipulated rules. Contact us for assistance with the platform or more tips on how to navigate it.

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With more than ten years of experience in the digital marketing field, Publicize Pro is the perfect agency partner for your business. We have honed our skills in all areas of online marketing, including social media. Being based in Toronto gives us the unique advantage of knowing what works and what does not. We keep up with the changing needs and trends, possible issues, and geographic-specific strategies that work for social media marketing. Our creative team in Toronto knows how to handle all the platforms distinctively, making us an effective inclusive agency. We strive to stand out from other agencies by offering a wide range of marketing services and achieving customer satisfaction every time. Our understanding of the industry and social media practices allows us to serve you better and improve your business significantly. We take every chance to learn about upcoming changes and develop techniques to counter them in time. Do not underestimate the value of social media marketing. Let us exploit the various platforms, including YouTube. We will not only increase your customers, but also improve your SERP results.

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Our goal is to remain at the forefront of social media marketing. We never get complacent or use outdated methods. That way, we never disappoint our clients. We are a marketing agency that is more interested in giving you better ROI more than anything else. Call us today.

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